Learning from Hygge

Learning from Hygge

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Birthed in Scandinavia, the term “hygge” describes all things cozy, content, and peaceful. It’s one of those funky kind of words that can be an adjective, a noun, or a verb, depending on the situation.

Living the hygge lifestyle is all about embracing the simpler things in life, and it’s one of the reasons Scandinavia is consistently ranked one of the happiest regions in the world, in spite of its unbelievably cold winters.

The easiest way to learn from hygge is to learn what hygge isn’t. In treatment, we learn the importance of mindfulness, living in the present, and controlling our mindset, instead of trying to control the situations around us. This is what hygge is all about.

Hygge isn’t staring at our phones all day: The hygge lifestyle is about togetherness, unity, and enjoying time in the comfort of others. If you just have to look at a screen, try inviting some friends over for a Christmas movie this winter. Butter some popcorn, boil some hot chocolate, and bask in the comfort of companionship.

Hygge isn’t staying indoors by ourselves all day: While there’s nothing wrong with cuddling up with a good book, why don’t you try inviting a few colleagues over for a reading club next time. Learning to be comfortable around good people is a big part of the hygge lifestyle.

Hygge isn’t about never having any fun: Before we learn about the incredible amount of potential held for us in sobriety, it is easy to fall for the myth that sobriety holds no room for fun. This couldn’t be further from the case, though. The hygge lifestyle celebrates fun and relaxation above all, and for those of us in recovery, we can still have good, healthy fun while maintaining a substance free life. It’s all about balance, the activities we choose to do, and who we choose to do them with.

The hygge life took the world by storm last year, and it’s easy to see why. When we focus on enjoying simple things like fun, relaxation, and quality time with others, our lives can become more fulfilling than we might have ever imagined.

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