Learning to Regulate Fear

Learning to Regulate Fear

In Addiction, Treatment by Tree House Recovery

Fear can fuel us, or fear can control us.

When we first enter addiction treatment, many of us are afraid. Not afraid to get help, per se, but afraid as to whether or not we’ll be able to make it through treatment, what our lives will be like afterwards, or if we’ll have what it takes to manage addiction once we graduate.

Learning to regulate our fear about the future by building confidence in ourselves, the support systems we form in treatment, and the strategies we learn in treatment is the key to not letting our fear control us.

When we learn to use our fear as fuel instead of letting it control us, every day we wake up isn’t another day to worry. It’s another day to overcome obstacles.

There are a few different ways we can learn to regulate our fear in treatment.

The first way is by learning how to both rely on our brothers for support when we need it, and how to provide support for them when they do. Building quality relationships with other men in treatment helps us form the bonds we need so that we have a shoulder to lean on when we need it most. Here at Tree House Recovery, almost every modality we practice is geared towards helping our men form these organic relationships with each other. From overcoming challenges and working together in fitness and ABI therapy, to sharing experiences, failures, and triumphs in our process groups, we learn that we aren’t alone in our recovery journeys, and that through collaboration and unity, we don’t have to be afraid about trying to walk the recovery path by ourselves.

Finally, we can learn to regulate our fear in treatment through modalities like one on one therapy and writing therapy. By sharing our thoughts, fears and hopes in a one-on-one setting with a trained therapist, we learn to build confidence in our own ability to beat addiction. Even though recovery is always a collaborative process with our peers and mentors, it’s important that we’re also confident that we can do it, if we only trust the process and truly apply ourselves everyday. Our one-on-one therapist helps us discover the power we have right inside of us. Through writing therapy, we’re able to get those intimate, hard to share thoughts out on paper, which helps clear our heads of any deep-seeded negative thoughts and builds confidence as well.

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