Training for Discipline

Training for Discipline

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

We are how we train.

It’s the case when it comes to athletics and competition, and it’s certainly the case when it comes to addiction treatment.

Every day is a fight against addiction, and we’re training ourselves to not just win the fight that day, but to win it every day for the rest of our lives. We don’t ask for addiction. No one wakes up one morning and decides to be an addict. We can’t control it. So because we can’t control it, we have to train to control ourselves. We have to learn how to control our impulses, and to minimize the influence of temptations. When we graduate from treatment, the concept of addiction and temptations still exists. The one that changes is us.

This is why, here at Tree House Recovery, we consider addiction treatment more than just a means of hashing out our problems and finding solutions. We consider it practice for the battlefield. In order to beat addiction now, and to manage temptations and urges for years to come, we have to instill discipline in every aspect of what we do in the treatment center. It’s the discipline we learn that keeps us on the right track for years to come, even when life throws us curveballs.

We’re training ourselves to be disciplined from the very moment we step into the treatment facility. We learn, with our brothers, how to use what we learn in treatment to willfully make  changes in our lives. We fight against our body’s urges to maintain the status quo, against addiction’s urges to maintain control, and we push ourselves to best addiction everyday through things like fitness and yoga therapy.

One of the greatest things about treatment is that it provides us with all the resources we need not just to beat addiction here and now, but to manage it effectively long after we’ve graduated from initial treatment. Everything we do– from process group therapy to fitness therapy and yoga– can be translated to our lives after treatment, and that’s because we aren’t just learning strategies and skills. We’re learning discipline.

Tree House Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Portland, Oregon that instills the discipline men need both to beat addiction now and manage urges for years to come through eight different modalities. We believe in holistic treatment methods that don’t just help our clients conquer addiction, but genuinely help them become better versions of themselves and make the most of the rest of their lives.  Call us at (503) 850-2474, and get started with Tree House Recovery today!