The Power Of Mantras

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Mantras are defined as “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation”. The term mantra gets used loosely for different genres — like a workout mantra, a job interviewing mantra, a dating mantra, or a life philosophy mantra. No matter the use of a mantra, the purpose of the mantra is the same: to be repeated in order to aid concentration. We use mantras to keep our minds focused on our task at hand. We also use mantras to keep our minds focused on a goal in the future. Mantras transcend space and time in that way. Simultaneously, mantras keep us in the present moment and catapult us into our vision of the future.

Do Mantras Work?

Two years ago a BBC Lab UK psychological study observed 44,000 participants who played an online game. The participants used on of three different techniques, according to Men’s Health: reciting a mantra, planning a strategy, and mentally practicing the game. The approximately 13,000 participants who recited a mantra performed the best in the game. Compared against a control group who didn’t use “motivational strategies”, the mantra group performed nine percent better.

How Do Mantras Work?

Mantras entice you emotionally by setting a goal. Repeating a mantra in your mind is like giving yourself a pep-talk on repeat. Professionals suggest shaping your mantra to be focused on what you want to accomplish or be, harnessing the powers of manifestation. 

Creating Your Own Mantra

What fires you up? What vision of your future gets you excited, gives you hope, and makes you believe that anything is possible? Take that energy and harness it into one simple statement. If the future is unclear to you, you can try something as simple as “I can do this”.

Why You Need Mantras In Recovery

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is challenging. Men who come to treatment at Tree House Recovery in Portland are encouraged to meet themselves at their limits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Wanting to quit, relapse, give up, and give in is something that all humans face when their abilities are challenged. In recovery, men learn something critical: there is no giving up. Relapse is a choice, not an inevitability. Mantras help you stay strong and resilient through the best of times and the worst of times to stay the most: sober.

You can find freedom from addiction. We can show you the way. Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon is a men’s addiction treatment facility providing private care with proven results. Healing the mind, engaging the body, and rejuvenating the spirit, our program helps connects men to their nature and the nature around them. For information, call us today: (503) 850-2474

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