Omega-3 Can Diffuse Your Alpha Aggression

Omega-3 Can Diffuse Your Alpha Aggression

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Men are characterized and stereotyped as being more aggressive than women. In part, that is due to natural evolution and the biological as well as social role men have played in the survival of the human species. Another contributor is the way that natural alpha-tendency has been exploited, co-optized, and commodified by mainstream culture as well as capitalistic society. The aggressive, macho, alpha male sells in more ways than one. More importantly, men buy into it. Generations upon generations adopt and spread the alpha-aggressive archetype of male character which has benefits, but also many repercussions. For example, men are often taught to be aggressive as an oppositional choice to being emotional, as if the two cannot mutually exist. Consequently, men are detached from their very natural emotional states in addition to their inherent regulatory systems for their emotions.

Addiction is yet another deterrent to men becoming in sync with their emotional selves. Sometimes a stimulant, sometimes a depressant, mind altering substances which are abused almost always act as an anesthetic, numbing the difficulty men have in feeling their feelings. Through treatment for addiction, men learn that aggression and anger are choices, not natural ways of living and that a whole range of emotional experiences are available to them. Reprogramming the years addiction has limited men’s emotions in addition to the generations of evolutionary imprinting which has primed them toward alpha tendencies takes time and support. The many therapeutic approaches utilized in a treatment program like the one we offer at Tree House Recovery help men restore their emotional selves, develop regulatory systems, and build esteem in their ability to be emotionally mature.

New research suggests that supplemental support can come from taking supplements like Omega-3s, the essential amino acids needed for brain function. The study focused on the behavior patterns of children over the course of a year, one group who took an Omega-3 supplement and one group who took a placebo. A children’s study is not far off for adult men seeking addiction treatment as addiction stunts emotional maturity, leaving men with the emotional skills of their younger selves. Published in Aggressive Behavior, the study found that children who regularly took the Omega-3 supplement were less aggressive psychologically, which had positive effects on their behavior as well as their relationship with the adults in their lives.

Men who are seeking recovery from addiction should look to every possible solution in mind and body to support a total transformation, inside and out.

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