Routine Isn't Lethal When You're In Recovery

Routine Isn’t Lethal When You’re In Recovery

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

“If you think adventure is dangerous,” author Paulo Cohelo famously stated, “try routine; it is lethal.” For the wanderers, the adventurers, the seekers, this is music to their ears. In a world that supports routine, the mundane, the safe and the comfortable, adventure is seen as an alternative choice- a risky one. Adventure is a lifestyle, a wild, challenging, unpredictable, exhilarating, wonderful, empowering lifestyle, that men can integrate as their own in recovery. At Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon, men are surrounded by the incredible nature of the Pacific Northwest. As part of our men’s treatment programs for addiction, we regularly immerse men in nature and adventure experiences for physical as well as mental challenges. Becoming part of self-care, adventure becomes part of a necessary routine for men in recovery.

After living lives of chaos based on unmanaged impulsivity, routine offers men the structure they need to creating a sustainable lifestyle of recovery. The addicted brain thrives on a lack of order because it can dictate the order it desires: find drugs, use drugs, get high on drugs. Addiction becomes the routine for most men, which can lead to many dangerous adventures. Structure and routine keep men busy and focused, helping create new neural pathways which actually crave structure and routine as opposed to the chaos of addiction.

Treatment is highly recommended for men seeking freedom from addiction because of the structure it provides. Freedom can be found in structure and routine, which is the hidden lesson men discover. By creating order, men find their liberty in their lives. By creating a foundation of sustainable change which men can return to, adventure is no longer a threat to their livelihood.  Implicitly, men strike a balance in their lives, embodying the philosophies of yin and yang: in adventure there can be routine; in routine there is adventure. Men who learn to live by the Tree House Recovery philosophies learn that all of life is really the adventure.

Your adventure is waiting to begin. Call Tree House Recovery today for information on our men’s addiction treatment programs in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by nature and supported by evidence based practices, our innovative programs transform men’s lives inside and out. Through rigorous physical training, outdoor adventures, and proven therapeutic approaches, men are set up to live their lives without limitations. Anything is possible in recovery. (503) 850-2474