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What If Meditation Isn’t for Everyone?

In Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

Various meditation practices, especially mindfulness meditation, have become extremely popular among recovery communities in recent decades. Quite a bit of evidence exists stating that meditation and mindfulness practices can play an important supporting role in treating mental health issues, including … Read More

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When in Doubt, Just Get Started

In Recovery by Tree House Recovery

When starting something new, especially something ambitious or difficult, it’s a good idea to start with a bit of research. What do experts recommend? How have other people succeeded? Is there one approach that clearly works better than another? Is … Read More

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The North Wind Made the Vikings

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

“The north wind made the Vikings” is a Scandanavian proverb that reminds us that challenging circumstances can be a blessing rather than a curse. The Vikings were known throughout medieval Europe as fierce warriors and ruthless raiders but they were … Read More