The "C" Word: Men, Commitment, and Recovery

The “C” Word: Men, Commitment, and Recovery

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Commitment is a loaded word for both men and women. However, men get the societal brunt. You’ve likely heard the stereotype of men being unable to commit and perhaps you’ve experienced a resistance to commitment yourself. As we don’t exist in a vacuum, when you commit to one area of your life, you are more likely to commit in other areas. If you’re struggling with commitment in relationships, you  might also find that you struggle with professional commitment and/or commitment to your recovery. Let’s first break down what the “C” word really means. From there, we’ll discuss why it’s so important in your life and recovery process.

What Does it Mean to Commit?

The “C” word gets thrown around a lot: Are you committed? Is she committed? Do you have commitment issues? But what does it truly mean to commit to someone or something? True commitment involves surrender and dedication. Our egos like to jump from shiny object to shiny object. We like to know that we have a lot of options. Commitment implies surrendering. In recovery, surrendering is central to the process and this is because it’s the first step in committing. Recovery is hard and when you go into it with the attitude of “I’m just going to give this a try,” it gives you a ticket out of the process.

Not Committing is Draining

Even though our egos like to keep us from truly committing to something, even if it’s for our own good, sometimes commitment can actually be easier than the alternative. When we have one foot in the door of recovery and the other foot in our previous lives, we become drained. It takes a lot of energy to remain indecisive and between two worlds. However, when you make the decision to commit, true growth can happen. Commitment involves laying down roots so that the fruits of your dedication can grow and ripen. Growth is nearly impossible without dedication, i.e. commitment. When you start to commit to your recovery and see the fruits of your labor, you will likely begin to notice increased commitments in other areas of your life as well. This new, commitment-oriented focus will open myriad doors for growth, inner work, friendships, and lasting relationships.


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