The Labor Of Recovery

The Labor Of Recovery

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

Labor Day is one of the many sought-after holiday weekends which occur throughout the year. Celebrated nationwide, labor day celebrates the millions of working class people and everyone who contributes to the vitality of our beautiful country. We take time off on labor day to relax and find gratitude for the work we do, the work others do, and gratitude for the work itself.

Work doesn’t define us and work cannot be our whole lives. However, work can be an integrated, important part of our lives, especially if we are men in recovery from active addiction. Though work may not define who we are, work can define what we get. For example, when we work at a job we get a paycheck. We might get health benefits, a 401K, stock options, and many other monetary adequacies for the work we produce. We get the confidence of knowing our skills and ability. We have something to work toward, something to do, and the knowledge that our work matters in some way to someone.

Recovery from addiction takes work. What we get out of the work we put into recovery is different from any kind of work. Men who are in active recovery from active addiction can absolutely be seen as laborers. Especially while in a treatment program like the one we offer here at Tree House Recovery in Portland, men are working hard on their physical body, their mind, and their lives. A job half done is hardly a job done at all when it comes to addiction recovery. There is much more than a job on the line. At any given time, relapse is not a guaranteed return to using or return to recovery at some point. Relapse always holds the threat of overdose, serious injury, and/or death. Putting the work into our recovery means putting the work into our lives- all of the work required to keep ourselves healthy and functioning while escaping a higher risk for premature death at the hands of drugs and alcohol.

It takes work to put in work, but the work is always worth it when your life is on the line. Addiction is a direct threat to your ability to live your life in a limitless way. Break free of the limitations of addiction today by choosing recovery. Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon offers men a path to find freedom from addiction through innovative treatment and a dedication to developing a sustainable sober lifestyle. Call us today for information: (503) 850-2474