The Hope Of Brotherhood

The Hope Of Brotherhood

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

Building a brotherhood is one of the most healing, memorable parts of a man’s experience at Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Together, men endure a series of challenges mental, physical, and beyond. By sharing their stories, working out together, taking adventures, and learning how to be well rounded sober men of recovery, a tight bond is built. Men learn that brotherhood is about more than trust, friendship, and community. Brotherhood is also about learning to think about others, putting the whole of a team before the “I” and working together in a sustainable way to achieve success individually, as well as on a team.

We talk about community and brotherhood in many ways here at Tree House. One of the many facets of brotherhood we don’t talk about often enough is how having a band of brothers inspires one of the most critical components of recovery: hope.

Hope is a powerful emotion which is often considered an entity of its own. The very idea of hope has a biological effect on our mind and body. Without hope, we are more likely to give up. With hope, we have some kind of chemical response which gives us the strength to keep going. For men who are in recovery, this is why brotherhood is of such importance. Having brothers who are on the same journey, working just as hard, facing the same challenges, and growing alongside you is an irreplaceable experience.

On The Good Men Project, Gretchen Kelly writes about the hope she experiences going to concerts. “There is energy and strength in being united and finding a common purpose. Hope because for all of our differences, there are times when we can come together and make something incredible happen.” Recovery is something incredible. Healthy friendships, building trust, and knowing that there is an entire group of men who have your back, is truly something incredible. Brotherhood is one of the many ways we help men at Tree House build a healthy foundation for a sustainable recovery by creating sustainable relationships through sustainable change.

By working together, men learn how to trust, participate, and be a part of a community. Forging through nature, therapy, and body conditioning gives men the confidence, vulnerability, and camaraderie they need to find success in sobriety. For information on our men’s addiction treatment programs in Portland, Oregon, call Tree House Recovery today: (503) 850-2474