The Wisdom of Taking Risks

The Wisdom of Taking Risks

In mental health by Tree House Recovery

It is ironic that as addicts we were extremely prone to engaging in high risk situations; whether it be driving intoxicated, stealing, or using illegal drugs. In our addictions we had no qualms with behaving in a manner that would be putting us in situations where we could be injured or even arrested. While it is obvious that we would better serve ourselves if we could avoid these types of risks, there are certain kinds of risks that we need to have courage to take in order to create the best version of life that is possible for us.

To begin, let’s start with some positive risks that would advantageous for us if we adopted. First, as addicts who are in recovery, we need to be able to learn how to make deep and lasting connections as this will be a foundational aspect of our recovery program. The difficulty for addicts who are trying to establish meaningful bonds is that it requires voluntary engagement with personal vulnerability. In other words, we need to be willing to take the risk of being rejected and feeling vulnerable if we want to strengthen our relationships. Another important risk in sobriety is the risk we take when we accept ourselves and learn to risk looking silly by acting out of accordance with what we know is right in relation to the person we want to become. Thirdly, we can look to take risks within different aspects of our lives such the type of job we will look to seek out as well as whether or not we may want to pursue an education. These acts are considered risky because we are often faced with a choice of something that is simple and easy, or we are faced with a decision that is risky and difficult. The reason taking calculated risks is important is because if we allow ourselves to remain comfortable, we can become complacent and miss valuable opportunities for growth.

Finally, the biggest and most important risk of all lies in our decision to become, or not become, sober. When we make this decision, we run the risk of allowing our old selves to die in order for us to be reborn. Although this is a scary and often debilitating risk, it will be the one that has the potential to change our lives.



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