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Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

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For active men who work every day toward building and improving the machine of their body, testosterone is critical. Testosterone helps the male body build muscle and sustain muscle development. Testosterone also helps keep your hormones in check and plays an important role in the male sex drive. Low testosterone can lead to many health problems for men and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, they are not necessarily an indication that your testosterone levels are in fact low. It is imperative that you meet with your primary physician to order blood tests and thorough labs in order for your doctor to make an official call. Thankfully, there are therapies and lifestyle changes you can make to help increase and maintain your testosterone.

Signs of Low Testosterone


  • Low sex drive: Perhaps one of the most noticeable areas of change when a man’s testosterone levels drop is in his sex life. Low testosterone results in a low libido, thus creating a lowered desire for sex and sexual engagement.
  • Muscular atrophy: Since testosterone plays an important role in building muscle, a lack of testosterone play a role in losing muscle. Men typically find they have a harder time at the gym, cannot build muscle the way they used to, and are losing definition as well as strength in result.
  • Belly fat: Slowed down hormone production is known to cause an increase in body fat as the body struggles to break down food, have energy for working out, and develop muscle the way it used to. Men struggling with low testosterone might notice that they are gaining a little extra in their midsection, despite working on their core.
  • Slower brain: Many areas of the brain have testosterone receptors, meaning that those areas need some level of testosterone in order to fully function properly. The amygdala, for example, helps us retain memory. Without a steady flow of testosterone, to the receptors in these areas, the brain slows down.  
  • Bad mood: Hormones play a part in mood. When hormones are high or when hormones are low, the mood is affected. Low testosterone can contribute to a negative, low mood.


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