What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Recovery Rut

What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Recovery Rut

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We all get stuck in ruts. Life can feel boring, routine, or simply dull and without zest. When this happens in recovery, it can be particularly alarming, as feeling stuck in a rut can easily lead to complacency and relapse. When you recognize that you’re in a recovery rut, it’s important to take simple actions to reboot your passion for recovery. Here are a few ways to get out of your recovery rut and back on the road to a healthy, happy, and meaningful recovery life.

Be kind to yourself.

Now that you’ve recognized that you’re in a recovery rut, try not to beat yourself up about it. The important thing is that you’re aware of the situation and you’re here, taking steps to resolve it. Recovery is not a clear, straight line. It’s filled with ups and downs, moments of passion and moments of dullness. 

Talk it out. 

Talk about your feelings in a meeting, process group, with your recovery friends, and your therapist. Oftentimes, simply putting it out there and being open will start to alleviate some of those “blah” feelings. 

Revisit your goals.

Look at your goals for recovery and life. Are they giving you a sense of purpose or do they feel outdated? Goals are constantly changing as we evolve. Take stock of your goals, which can serve as your guiding principles, and see if they need to change. If you don’t feel excited or challenged by them or you feel as if they’ve already been met, it’s time to set some new ones.

Write about it.

Let your feelings out on paper. Writing can provide catharsis and clarity. It’s also a simple way to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t worry about writing something brilliant. Just write. 


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