What We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends

What We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends

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Have you ever watched your pet and thought “wow, if only I could be more like that?” It’s true that animals have a special ability for unconditional love and a carefree attitude. Here are a few vital lessons we can learn from our furry friends.

Unconditional Love

Animals love unconditionally and expect nothing in return. This is a seriously wonderful model for pure and unadulterated love in our own lives. How can we love more like our furry friends and expect less from people? In short, how can we be more giving of our love and kindness?

Forgive and Forget

Animals have no problem forgiving and forgetting. Humans hold onto grudges that can last a lifetime, whereas animals move on, play in the grass, and eat their food excitedly. Remember that grudges don’t benefit anyone. Animals already know this. 

Just Relax

Animals have no problem relaxing for hours or days on end. They don’t feel guilty about indulging in some necessary rest and relaxation. Cats and dogs stretch out in the middle of the day and relax on the floor, bed, couch, or sidewalk. They’re not picky. 

Protect and Take Care of Those Less Powerful than You

This is perhaps the most important lesson that our animal friends unknowingly bestow upon us. As humans, we have the power to be kind and caring to animals or cruel. Animals don’t have as much power as us and they teach us valuable lessons about advantages and disadvantages. Animals don’t ask much from us. We simply need to be kind and generous. Next time you realize that you’re in a position of power with another person, treat them with kindness and care.


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