4 Ways To Master Your Self-Confidence

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The early wake of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can leave you feeling less than stable in your sense of self-confidence. You thought you had it all under control. You didn’t. You had a job, you were going to school, you had a car, you had a girlfriend, you had a relationship with your parents , yet underneath all o f it was a pervasive lie about your chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol. Feeling defeated while cultivating a deeper understanding of what spiritual humility truly feels like, you surrender for the first time. You know that going to treatment is the best thing to do and that your feelings of shame should be equally met with feelings of pride for standing up for yourself and asking for help. Still, feelings of low self confidence may persist. These four tips will help you rebuild your sense of self confidence and help you maintain that feeling of being confident in yourself as you continue to grow in your recovery.

Always Give Back and Pay it Forward

You will never feel more confident than in the moments where your life story, your life struggles, and your recovery inspire another man. Part of the reason going to a men’s treatment center works is the tendency of the prefrontal cortex to want to mirror another man’s behaviors. The more you start to live your recovery, the more a newcomer man will notice. You don’t have to do anything specific to give back and pay it forward, though there are ample opportunities. By fully and authentically embracing your recovery, you are consistently giving back to others who are taking note of the way you hold yourself. Notice another man who is noticing you and be quietly confident in the fact that you have made a tremendous change.

Use Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are scientifically proven practices which can change your life. For many years, it is likely that you have felt at war with your own thoughts. Through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, you can make peace with your thoughts and take more control of your life. Operating from a solid foundation of calm centeredness, you are less likely to act out of your newfound confident character. These practices help you stay true to the new path of your life.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

It might seem unnecessary to point out that positive self talk is better for you than negative self talk. Some see the critical voice in their mind as a guiding force that inspires them to do better. Research has found that positive self talk is more beneficial in creating the encouragement needed to carry forth in life and act confidently. With a voice constantly telling you that you aren’t good enough and nothing you do is good enough, it can be hard to believe yourself in moments of accomplishment.

Be Dynamic, Get Dynamic

To be a dynamically confident man, it is essential to be regularly participating in dynamic movement. Exercise is a proven tool for reducing stress, reducing inflammation caused by stress, improving mood, improving brain power, improving focus, and improving your health. With regular exercise you feel more confident in your mind and your body.


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