5 Reasons You Should Make a Point of Visiting Oneonta Gorge

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Living in Portland, Oregon for treatment offers an endless list of possibilities for adventure. A popular spot for locals and tourists, the famous Oneonta Gorge is not to be missed.


  • To get there, you have to drive a lot of the Historic Columbia Scenic Byway: One of the 7 wonders of Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge is a breathtaking sight. Curving through the beautiful walls of mountains which surround the Columbia River, a printed map will take you to numerous breathtaking vistas, historic sites, and opportunities for short hikes to big, beautiful waterfalls. From river’s edge to under a towering canopy of trees, the entire trek of the Byway is not to be missed. Visit Oregon’s infamous Multnomah Falls- one of the tallest waterfalls in the entire country at 620 feet.
  • Getting into the Gorge isn’t your average hike: Unlike many of the shorter hikes available off the Columbia, the path into the Oneonta Gorge isn’t paved. Hiking upstream, you will be challenged in your adventure skills. One of the highlights of the hike is potentially getting waist deep in water to trudge over river rocks and wade through the creeks. In addition, there will be logs to climb, boulders to scramble, and a great variety of physical challenges. A change up from a normal walking tour, the Gorge is an adventure in itself.
  • Oneonta Gorge is a Forest Service declared botanical area: Oneonta Gorge is famous for its lush, green colors, dense nature, and mystical landscape. The gorge gets its character from ferns, mosses, and lichens which grow on the walls of the gorge. Designated a botanical area, many of these plants only grow in the Columbia River Gorge. You can use your mindfulness skills to hike slow and thoughtfully, noticing the variety of nature and appreciating how special the moment truly is.
  • Spoiler Alert: there’s a waterfall: Waterfalls are like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Hidden within Oneonta Gorge is a beautiful waterfall, which is always a great reward for hard physical work.
  • You can take the long way home after: The entirety of the Columbia Scenic Byway is an amazing invitation to some of Oregon’s most accessible and breathtaking nature. Before heading straight back to Portland, pay the fee for a quick trip over “The Bridge Of The Gods” to pay a visit to our neighboring Washington. After crossing back home to Oregon, take the long way back to Portland. There is another loop which will take you through beautiful orchards on your way up to Mount Hood. Climb the mountain through beautiful forests, watch the temperature drop, and be given generous sweeping vista views along the way. Once you reach the top, it will have been well worth every extra minute.


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