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5 Tips for Sober Adventuring

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Recovery is not a mild lifestyle. Getting sober and learning how to live recovery in a sustainable way is an introduction to the spice of life. Peak physical shape, sharp mental clarity, and a distinguished approach to life means that the recovering Tree House man is capable of exploring the world like he never has before. Travel and adventure are just two of the many gifts freedom from addiction can bring. Man was built to roam, investigate, and experience. Back in touch with the natural ability of the self, sober men living a lifestyle of recovery have the entire world in front of them. With these five tips, sustainable adventure can lead to a lifetime of amazement.


  • Make a plan and clue others in:

    Spontaneity is part of adventure. Whether you are hiking in the mountains or trekking the urban trails of cities abroad, spontaneity is what makes an adventure an adventure. Learning to be fully present in your life through recovery prepares you to discern with expertise when spontaneity is a safe and fruitful idea or when it is not. Traveling is best done in a smart way that allows for spontaneity. Having a foundational backbone of a plan helps you know where resources are available and how to get the necessities you need: food, shelter, and more. Make a plan to carry you through your adventures and clue others in. Just like in recovery, having a support system in adventure helps keep you on the right track while encouraging you to live life to the fullest.

  • Take your recovery with you:

    Going on an adventure is sometimes confused with taking a vacation, which means leaving all discipline behind. Recovery, and all of the components of recovery, is what brought you to this place in life to have adventures. Out of respect to your process, you need to take your recovery with you everywhere you go. Check in with people you regularly check in with. Meditate like usual and read what you usually read. Whatever you do for your recovery at home, continue to do that for your recovery, as much as possible, when you are out on an adventure.

  • Check off your basics list every day:

    When you take your recovery with you everywhere you go, you take daily basics with you. After completing a residential treatment program, you now know what is critical to your recovery, which includes your mental and physical health. Meditation, exercise, a well rounded and consistent diet, some yoga, daily journaling, and other basics are what you keep you capable of adventuring. Don’t forget to check for HALT- hungry, angry, lonely, tired.

  • Have your own party:

    There’s nothing you cannot do when you are sober in recovery, aside from drink or use drugs. Getting invited to “the party” is part of the fun in adventuring. As long as your recovery is right, you can party sober. Joining in the fun can be part of the experience of life and living. If you aren’t inclined to partake in that scene any longer, have your own party, engaging in an activity that is meaningful and fun for you.

  • Have fun:

    Few men come to treatment from struggles with addiction still having fun. If addiction were sustainably fun, treatment wouldn’t be necessary for lack of a problem to treat. Recovery is about many things, one of the most necessary being creating meaning and purpose. Having fun- real, present, exhilarating fun- is meaningful and contributes to a sense of purpose. Everywhere you go, there you are. Have fun and everywhere you are, you’ll be happy to get there.



Taking in the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, men in our treatment programs at Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon, learn to make recovery an adventure. Creating sustainable recovery through sustainable change, we offer men freedom from addiction. Call us today to learn more: (503) 850-2474

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