Functions of Gratitude in Recovery

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Gratitude can be called the keeper of recovery. To keep is to “have or retain possession of” to “continue or cause to continue in a specified condition, position, course”. Recovery is something that has to be earned and possessed everyday in order to stay on course. Gratitude is one of the many tools of recovery to maintain the position of recovery- a position of gratitude. In order to keep our recovery, we learn, we have to give a little bit of it away. Gratitude helps us do that. Calling on gratitude, we can give a little away of what has been given to us in our recovery. Make no mistake- we work hard for our recovery. We take responsibility for our lives, accountability for what we do with our lives, and take all the necessary action. Yet, we learn we cannot take all the credit for the transformation in our lives. There are professionals in our treatment center showing us the way. We have men who have walked the path of recovery before us who have showed us the way. As well, there is the sheer luck and magnificence of our recovery. We sadly see too many of our peers pass away. In response we find ourselves grateful for each part of our recovery each day- our willingness, our determination, our humility, our dedication, and our lives.

Gratitude Keeps Your Perspective

We can forget where we came from in recovery. As we earn the gifts of life in recovery, we can lose our perspective on our gratitude. Gradually we gain the privilege of complaints. Complaining about one thing or another, we blur our focus of what really matters on a day to day basis- we are alive, we are sober, and we are free from addiction.

Gratitude Keeps You Humble

Humble is defined as “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance”. Humbleness keeps us in a state of humility and absorption. When we are humble, we are willing and able to learn. We are grateful and thankful for being able to learn more, grow more, and transform more.

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