All The Ways Men Lose Confidence

All The Ways Men Lose Confidence

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The social stigmatization of the male character type makes a man out to be unwaveringly strong, capable, and confident. While it is important for men to have confidence, men also need to be vulnerable, have uncertainties, and even at times, be a little insecure. Men cannot be 100% confident 100% of the time because that simply isn’t human. Human beings are vulnerable, questioning, and curious. Though men do excel at maintaining high levels of confidence for long periods of time, their confidence can be tested by everything from physical self-consciousness to personal self-doubt, to emotional insecurity and more. Problematically, men see these moments as “short-comings” and threats to their score on the masculinity scale. By leaning into the discomfort of a lack of confidence, men can build their lives up even more strongly and gain their confidence in new ways.


Looks are one of the most common reasons men struggle to feel confident. Body image issues are typically assigned to women, however, men are under an extreme amount of physique-pressure as well. Male models range in their physique, but generally there is an emphasis on muscular definition, toning, muscle mass, a lean body, and a near absence of any body fat. Men’s physical concerns can also include balding, facial looks, and more. When a man doesn’t feel he looks good, he doesn’t feel good either.


is there a difference between the guy who plays video games and the guy who plays video games but also plays sports, exercises, and does physical activity? Men seem to think so. The energy, physical capacity, and interest in being active men have greatly contributed to their sense of confidence.


They call him Prince “Charming” for a reason. Men have a pressure to be charismatic, intelligent, witty, funny, and all around charming. Different personality types exist for different men because men are unique in their personality. The pressure to be “Prince Charming” can be inauthentic for some men and cause them to feel less confident because they don’t meet the stereotype.

Addiction is a common thief to the ideas of confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem for men. Struggling with addiction can rob a man of his dignity and courage until he takes the brave step to make a change in his life for the better. If you are struggling with addiction, the opportunity is yours to seize the tides of change and transform your life. Call Tree House Recovery today for information on our programs helping men find freedom from addiction and learn how to live a limitless life.  (503) 850-2474