Discovering Your Life Purpose

In Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

How do we discover our purpose in life? Life purpose can be defined as the reason we get out of bed in the morning or the big “why.” Sounds intense, right? Having a sense of your life purpose is important because it gives you a greater sense of meaning which in turn makes you happier and healthier. Let’s delve into ways in which you can discover your life purpose.

Here are some questions to start with on the quest for life purpose.  What gets you excited? Reflect on what lights you up inside. How do you enter your “flow state”? A flow state can be defined as that special feeling when we are so invested in what we’re doing that we don’t even notice the time passing. As long as they’re healthy and sustainable, try engaging in those activities more. 

What do you value? On what do you place worth? Maybe it’s your family, friends, earning an income, or making people laugh. This will give you a clue as to what your life purpose is! You can definitely have more than one life purpose.


How can you be of service? Studies show we’re happiest when we’re serving others. How can your passions and values serve the greater good? 

It’s important to remember that your life purpose evolves over time. As you build more experiences and knowledge, your life purpose might need revision. This is exciting, as it means you can constantly return to your life purpose and adjust it as you grow. Don’t worry if you’re not totally sure what you’re life purpose is. Finding your purpose is a process and there’s no right time to find it. Enjoy the journey.

Knowing and moving towards your life purpose can help you stay on your recovery path, as it connects you to a higher meaning and joy. It also helps you get to know yourself better and offers a  focus for your energies. When you’re devoting time and energy to something, ask yourself: Is this in line with my life purpose? 


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