Making Brothers for Life

Making Brothers for Life

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

It’s no secret: the people we get through tough times with often end up becoming the people we forge the closest bonds with.

In addiction treatment, the bond of a brother couldn’t be more beneficial. Having someone to turn to when we need a shoulder to lean on, inspiration to keep going, or simply an ear to listen helps give us the confidence we need to conquer our addiction, because it reminds us that we aren’t in this alone.

Treatment offers us several ways to make meaningful connections with our peers, and provides a platform for us to share our stories authentically with men who might be going through the same things we are. At Tree House Recovery of Portland, in particular, everything from physical training to process groups and yoga therapy encourages collaboration between our men. That collaboration breeds bonds over similar experiences, and cultivates a strong desire to be present and support others.

So, what makes brotherhood so important in treatment, and why do we care so much about it?

Simply put, forging bonds within the addiction recovery community gives us not just the emotional support we all need, but it also gives us a family that understands just what we’re going through. Addiction is a tough illness that doesn’t affect everyone. Sometimes, try as they might, family members and friends that haven’t been addicted aren’t always able to understand the things we’re going through in treatment, or the challenges we work to overcome on a daily basis. That’s why the treatment family plays such an important role. Relationships we’ve created in treatment help us navigate new challenges in our recovery journey, keep us accountable on a day to day basis, and even provide resources that can help us create new strategies in recovery.

No one man is an island, and that’s particularly the case when it comes to addiction treatment. Receiving support from one another gives us the confidence we need to fix our problems and make the changes we need in order to see the results we want.

The brotherly bonds we form in treatment aren’t just temporary ways to ways to help us get through tough times. They’re bonds we’ll have for life.

Tree House Recovery of Portland, Oregon is an addiction treatment center that fosters bonds between our clients and the recovery community that won’t be easily broken. No one man is an island, and recovery teaches us just how important support can be on our journey. Call us at (503) 850-2474 to get started with Tree House Recovery today!