Doomsday Prepping

Doomsday Prepping

In Recovery by Tree House Recovery

They’re the people in your neighborhood most likely to buy canned corn in bulk, practice setting wildlife traps in their backyard, and will never tell you the location of his bug-out bag. So if you weren’t confused by that first sentence, we’re talking of course about the habits of “doomsday preppers.”

Doomsday preppers—or survivalists, as some prefer to be called—prepare in earnest for any number of disasters, from natural weather emergencies to political overthrow. Stockpiling food and practicing hunting and storing game animals are the prepper’s stock in trade.

Maybe you don’t buy into the “sky is falling” frame of mind and wouldn’t pack an extra bottle of water for a 2-mile hike. But when you’re fresh out of rehab and really trying to survive, there are some items to stock up on to prepare ourselves for potential triggers when we can’t avoid them, whether it’s your first sober family gathering or you’re just too depressed to handle people right now:

SCENARIO 1: “My relatives are looking at me differently since I got out of rehab. They think I’m some junkie.” Whether that’s true or not (the judgmental family part), that has nothing to do with you. Those are their own expectations, or—guess what?—maybe they’re just glad to see you and don’t want to come on too strong and make YOU feel weird. Whatever the case, you’ve done your part by working the steps and making meetings. Let them be how they’re going to be.

SCENARIO 2: “The work happy hour. Nobody knows I’ve been going to outpatient and the boss is going to be there. She always thinks I have the greatest ideas at happy hour. Ha.” If your employer demands that you drink in order to fit in, maybe it’s time to find a new employer. Or—if you are comfortable with it, advise your HR coordinator at work and let them know about your recovery so they can be an advocate for you in case you are discriminated against for not getting caught up in post-work events where there will be a great deal of drinking.

SCENARIO 3: “I’m bored and depressed as hell. It would be good to just have something to get me to sleep.” As always, if you feel like you could be a danger to yourself or others, call 911 immediately. But if you’re restless, awake, and newly sober, time can stretch on for what feels like an eternity. That’s no joke. That’s why it’s time to get yourself a hobby, even if your hobby is watching “Breaking Bad” all over again for about the fourth time. Anything—literally anything—is better than breaking your own wellness. Nothing matters more than keeping that intact 


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