Rigorous Honesty and Sobriety

Rigorous Honesty and Sobriety

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When we’re in active addiction mode, we’re often living in a state of denial and severe dishonesty. When the fog clears and we commit to recovery, the importance of rigorous honesty becomes glaringly obvious. Why is honesty so important in recovery and how can we commit to honesty as a daily practice? 

Saying Goodbye to Dishonesty

For many of us, dishonesty was a way of life. It became ingrained in our very essence. Honesty doesn’t just happen. It’s a way of life and a daily action and practice and the first step involves bidding farewell to old habits. This means, oftentimes the first step in living a life of honesty and integrity is recognizing when you’re being dishonest and getting back on track. Notice if a dishonest thought pops into your head, such as “I don’t really need to be in recovery.” At this moment, it’s important to catch yourself, recognize that the thought is dishonest, forgive yourself, and move on. 

Honesty as Daily Practice

In step 10, “continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted to it” involves the practice of honesty. Like many daily practices, honesty is a muscle that requires work and practice. When we stop going to the gym, our muscle definition fades. Likewise, during the years of addiction, our honesty muscles have atrophied a bit. Commit to a daily practice of honesty. Some options include keeping a journal where you can write down your daily behavior and take inventory of any dishonest thoughts or actions. This will help cultivate self-awareness. 

A Crucial Element in Sobriety and Life

Honesty is the foundation of healthy relationships, sobriety, and true self-knowledge and happiness. Making honesty a part of your daily recovery life is a necessary and rewarding step. Without it, we tend to backslide into relapse, isolate, and get caught in the veil of illusion.


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