Emotional Vulnerability is Hot

Emotional Vulnerability is Hot

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Decades of programming have left men feeling that emotional vulnerability is something to put on the backburner. It’s time to step out of these limiting beliefs and stop hiding your emotions. What if men wore their emotional vulnerability as a badge of honor? The truth is, intimacy, real connection, and love are nearly impossible without vulnerability. Let’s dive into what it means to reveal your emotionally vulnerable side and why it’s hot.

Emotional vulnerability involves letting your guard down. Our society has continually told men through advertising, movies, television, and cultural stereotypes, to keep their guards up and that showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. When you let your guard down, you open yourself up to the negative and the positive aspects of life. It’s impossible to be open to joy without also being open to pain and sorrow. Though it’s going to take some practice, letting your emotional guard down and surrendering to your feelings is a huge step towards lasting happiness and real partnership. You can practice emotional vulnerability by communicating your feelings, even when you’re not quite sure what they are. Practice mindfulness and be on the lookout for ways in which  you might be deceiving yourself when it comes to your emotions. How much of your emotional expressions or lack there of are based on societal programming? Do you feel like you’re giving people the chance to truly know you? Do you feel open? Do you feel seen?

People are drawn to those who are open about their emotions, as it reveals true humanity. When you reveal your emotions and show your honest vulnerability, people will be magnetized to you and your authenticity. We all want to feel seen. Being open about your emotions allows others to do the same. This creates a loop of attraction and yes, you will definitely be hotter for it. Likewise, your newfound emotional freedom will invite people into your life with whom you can truly be yourself. You will likely feel more comfortable, less stressed, and more connected to your friends, family, and partners.


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