Falling For Portland: Part One

Falling For Portland: Part One

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Not everyone Portlandian has the luxury of a vehicle to take them into the natural wonders and beautiful byways the rest of the Oregon state has to offer. Many of have jobs, school, and other responsibilities which repent us from taking the last minute style road trip required for catching the best of fall foliage. Thanks to Portlanders’ obsession with all things forestry, the city of roses is surrounded by trees and boasts beautiful parks dense with nature. Not to mention the many other ways you can celebrate the fall in the city. If you can’t make it out into another part of the state, you don’t have to much further than Portland proper and some outlying areas accessible by bike, metro, bus, Uber, Lyft, or walking.

Apple Tasting

Oregon is full of harvests which are reaping the bounty this time of year. In early October, the Portland Nursery offers an Apple Tasting Event. If you didn’t know it was possible to taste 60 different kinds of apples, now is your chance. Remember to double check on the cider and ask if the cider is “hard”, meaning it is alcoholic.

Portland Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden in the West Hills is a beautiful sight any time of year. Over twelve acres of Japanese Maples and other varying japanese garden types invite you to take a tranquil journey through nature. Vibrantly green in the summer, the gardens burst aflame into fall color during September and October.

Hoyt Arboretum

More than 20 trails supply the Hoyt Arboretum with endless adventuring to check out the thousand plus varieties of vegetation. This local favorite is famous among plant lovers, boasting the title of having the most species of shrubs and trees than any other arboretum in the United States.

Forest Park

Taking over Northwest Portland, Forest Park is home of the Wildwood Trail whose 30 miles connects to the 40 mile trail system connecting other parks and trails in Portland. Of course, a 30-40 mile hike is quite the commitment. However, parts of the trail can be walked to take in the fall foliage throughout the forest.

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