For Endurance Athleticism, These Mental Tips Are Key

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The Tree House man is able to demonstrate impressive physical strength and endurance as a metaphor of his growing resiliency psychologically. Part of our program at Tree House includes intensive physical training which prepares our men to participate in triathlons, Tough Mudder races, and other endurance activities. The psychology of these athletic events runs deep, which requires the men who participate in them to have a deeply rooted mental state in order to complete them. These tips for endurance athleticism are for more than physical sport.


Routine and discipline are key to making a daily commitment toward future growth. It is all too easy to take a day off and let that day off turn into weeks or months. Suddenly, an important goal is lost. In its wake are feelings of failure and shame, driven by disappointment. Routine and discipline give men the structure they need to fulfill their daily expectations of themselves in anticipation of being able to participate in something bigger than they are. Competing and participating in endurance athletic events is about seeing the body and the brain at the height of their potential- potential only gained from the hard work of recovery.

Realistic Goals

You cannot run a marathon a day after starting to train for running. Few people in the world are immediately naturally inclined with a talent. Talents and skills take thousands of hours of devoted practice and training. To get there, it is required to make attainable, specific, and measurable goals which make sense. Running twenty six miles after mastering an efficient one mile run? Not likely. With a calendar and a list of specific goals, any runner can train for a marathon over time.

Stress Management

Meditation tools are some of the most important tools of endurance an athlete can have. Mindfulness and meditation trains the brain to be in sync with the mind, clearing out the clutter and noise of insecurities or doubts. Stress management is critical for endurance athletic events. As the body is under extreme stress, the mind can help maintain a sense of calm, focus, and determination.


Men at Tree House Recovery spend time each day in intensive physical training, building their bodies into the capable machines that they are. Participating in outdoor adventures, recreational sports, and endurance competitions like Tough Mudder and Triathlons, men realize the potential for their lives in recovery. We teach men how to find freedom from addiction by transforming their lives in mind, body, and spirit. Call us today for information on our long term residential treatment programs: (503) 850-2474

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