Going To Treatment Vs. Going It Alone

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Every man who is considering going to treatment in order to quit- and stay quit- from an addiction has a choice. He can go to treatment or he can go it alone. Isolation is heavily argued against in recovery. Left to his own devices, a man might find himself convinced of the acceptability to drink or use drugs again. Surrounded by peers, he is encouraged away from his deceptive thinking and encouraged to move in a different direction. What he doesn’t get in verbal cues, he picks up in nonverbal cues through teamwork and support.

Monkey see, monkey do. Humans are evolved beyond basic animal instinct with a fully developed consciousness and a peculiar sense of conscience. Still, some of our most basic survival instincts remain. For the modern man, many of those survival instincts have evolved into social instincts because social survival ensures survival over all. Numerous psychological studies have been done to show that despite man’s incredibly unique ability to think for himself, he’s prone to want to fit in. Mirroring effects are behaviors in which man imitates other men, particularly in their mannerisms and attitude. Most often, mirroring is subconscious, making it a powerful and progressive tool in treatment.

Few men who come to treatment for a drug and alcohol problem are in a good place in their life. As it is often said in recovery, nearly nobody makes it to treatment on a “high note”. Addiction often takes over their lives, robs them of their livelihood, their dignity, their respect, and their relationships. Sometimes rebellious, disobedient, insubordinate and angry; other times, sad, isolated, quiet, and depressed; men who come to treatment are not always quick to engage. Much of treatment is based on group interaction. At Tree House, men are learning how to be men of recovery. Men are learning how to act, how to think, how to behave, how to take care of themselves, and how to show up for others. Quickly, men who are new to treatment learn that their isolated path in life, trail blazed with fury, will no longer serve them. Instinctively, they pick up on the habits of the men around them, men who seem to have taken a turn in life. Bit by bit, behavior by behavior, day by day, they learn from those ahead of them and follow them in stride.


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