Grounding: Techniques for Connecting to the Earth this Summer

In Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

Grounding regulates our nervous system and mindfully connects us to the present moment. So, what is grounding and how can we use it to connect to the earth this summer? Grounding is also known as “earthing” which simply means connecting your bare feet to the ground. We live our lives indoors and often away from the earth’s rhythm. Our ancestors were more attuned to the natural cycles and fields of the earth, simply by virtue of the fact that they spent most of their time outside. When we connect with the earth’s electromagnetic frequency, we begin to get attuned to its natural rhythms. This process, known as grounding, balances us and relieves stress. We quite literally feel grounded. When we walk barefoot on grass, sand, or dirt, we feel an overall sense of improved mental, physical, and emotional health. It’s easy, carefree, and it lowers cortisol levels. Summer is the perfect time for this simple practice.

Walk on the beach. Oregon’s beaches are rugged and gorgeous. Who doesn’t love feeling their feet in the sand? Walking on the beach is a simple way to connect to the earth’s electromagnetic field and balance your nervous system. Try using mindfulness techniques and quiet your mind as you feel the sand beneath your feet.

Be a tree. It sounds silly, but try standing like a tree — tall, sovereign, and grounded. Take your shoes off on the grass or dirt and imagine your roots growing deep into the earth. Imagine a beam of light shooting out of your head into the sky. 

Lie on the grass or beach. Lie down on the grass (not pesticide-sprayed!) or beach and simply let your body sink into the earth. Meditate on the ways the earth holds your body and start to feel your body syncing up to its rhythm.

However you choose to ground this summer, just know that the more time you spend in nature, the more connected you will feel to the earth and to yourself.


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