Sunrise/Sunset Meditations

In Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

Each day, the sun rises and offers us light and vitality. In the evening, the sun sets below the horizon and night falls. We are so accustomed to this daily happening that we tend to forget the majesty of the sunrise and sunset process. When we watch the sunrise and sunset, research shows that it triggers the release of cortisol (to wake us up) and melatonin (to calm us down). Awareness and connection to the sun’s movements are vital for our mental, physical, and emotional health. These sunrise/sunset meditations will help you greet the light and the dark.

Sunrise Meditation

Watching the radiant colors of the sunrise can set the tone for your whole day. You can do this meditation at the actual time of sunrise or simply visualize the sunrise in order to refresh your mind and day. Sit in a comfortable seated position or lie down. Begin to focus on your breath. As the room fills with the light of the sun, imagine what you’d like to leave behind in the darkness of the night. What thoughts, feelings, or habits would you like to leave behind? What parts of yourself and your life do you want to shed light on today? When the sun has risen and the room is completely filled with light, send gratitude to the rays for the life they provide.

Sunset Meditation

Watching the sunset is the perfect way to unwind, especially on the west coast where the sunsets tend to be especially radiant. Find a quiet place outdoors or a room with windows and either close your eyes or keep them opened and watch the light change. Get comfortable and begin to focus on the breath. As the room darkens, feel your mind get quiet. Feel the chaos of your day melting off you. Release the negative and the positive and allow the sunset to dissolve anything you might be holding onto and anything that you don’t want to carry into the night. What do you offer up to the night? What can you release?


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