Oregon Bike Trails

Oregon Bike Trails

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Welcome to the world of biking! Is there anything better than feeling the summer wind on your face while you zoom through a lush landscape on your bike? The Pacific Northwest is a biker’s paradise, as it’s filled with trails, mountains, and stellar landscapes. Hiking gets a lot of airtime, but biking is also a great way to connect with nature and engage in some healthy adventure. If you love biking, here are a few of Oregon’s best trails for you to hop on this summer with your wheels.

Gateway Green

Into mountain biking? Gateway Green is a 25-mile stretch of glorious trails and, guess what? It’s on an island. The scenery is beautiful and bikers of all levels will find something exciting here. Hikers are welcome, too. 

Southeast Neighborhood Trails

Are you more of an in-town biker? The Southeast neighborhoods of Portland are some of the most naturally beautiful. There’s a 13-mile stretch of trail with views of the Willamette River. You get a tour of Portland’s historic neighborhoods and some good exercise. Portland is a super bike-friendly city.

Marine Drive Path

This is the bike trail for those who are into watery views. Marine Drive Path is a 17.6-mile path with views of the Columbia River and Mount Hood. 

West Hills

Are you a fiend for steep hills? This path is not for the faint of heart or the beginner. If you want a seriously rigorous ride through breathtaking mountains, this is the trail for you. You’ll get views of the mountains and downtown Portland while you strengthen your legs and mind.

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

This is a 21-mile trail that historically served as a transport route for timber. This path is 25 miles west of the city and is fully immersed in a green forest. Another gorgeous trail.


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