June In Portland

June In Portland

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June is here! The sun is out, the dreariness has lifted, and it’s time to step out into the stellar Oregon world. Let’s look at some local activities and some options for sober fun. Oregon offers every kind of activity, from the weird to the athletic to the fascinating. Let’s get into it.

Portland’s Naked Bike Ride

Yes, that’s correct. Every June Portland bikers take to the streets in a clothing-optional situation that will leave you exhilarated, winded, and feeling quite free. This year, the naked bike ride will take Portland by storm on June 29.

Portland Pride Festival

Celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in what will surely be a colorful, wild, blast of a weekend. On June 15-16, celebrate visibility and education for everyone, dance it out to the tunes, and watch the fabulous parade.

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Every year, Lake Oswego is home to a huge arts fest. Local artists, music, food, and the great outdoors make this festival an Oregon fave. This year’s festivities will be held on June 21-23.

Urban Adventure’s Scavenger Hunt

Get in touch with your childhood roots and enjoy the scavenger hunt around Portland. You’ll discover Portland’s hidden gems, get to know the ins and outs of the city, and have a seriously fun time in the process. The hunt commences June 25th.

Shakespeare Fest

Into Shakespeare? You’re in luck, as on June 29th, you can experience free outdoor Shakespeare performances in Portland’s parks. Get to know the local theater community and get reacquainted with Shakespearean lingo in the process.

Hawthorne Ghost Tour

Supernatural enthusiasts rejoice. This is a guided walk through Portland’s old red light district. Get intimate with the ghosts of this magical city and one of Portland’s most beautiful neighborhoods on June 29th.

Note that these are just a few examples of countless events in Portland and beyond this June. Open mic nights, yoga jams, raffles, games, festivals, concerts, and athletic events abound. Check out pdxpipeline.com for a comprehensive list of events.


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