Summer Is Here And Our Favorite Produce Is Back

Summer Is Here And Our Favorite Produce Is Back

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Summer produce in Oregon is truly something to behold. Can we talk about those peaches? Let’s look at the produce options this summer, as well as stock up while they’re fresh, and save them for the rest of the year. Canning is so Oregon.

What’s in Season?

Beets, asparagus, berries of all sorts, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, melons, peaches, nectarines, salad greens, and tomatoes are just a few of the ripe and healthy fruits and veggies that are available and vibrant all summer long. Summer is the season for buying the best, sweetest, and most gorgeous produce in the PNW. We know that variety is one of the keys to a healthy and sustainable diet and summer is the time to take advantage of this abundance. Building a diet with all of the colors of the rainbow will also boost your mood, help you get more creative in the kitchen, and keep your micro and macronutrients at peak levels.

Where to Go for the Goods

It’s best to choose organic and local produce when possible. Luckily, Oregon is home to some of the coolest farmer’s markets in the country. Portland Farmers’ Market, HIllsboro, and Corvallis are just a few of the many options. Get to know your local farmers and support their good work! Pro tip: Ask them for suggestions on how to prep their produce, as they’ll have the insider suggestions.

Stocking Up and Making the Most of Summer Produce All Year

You can enjoy Oregon summer produce in the fall, winter, and spring months and their vibrancy will keep you going through the drearier Oregon times. Canning is very Oregon and if you haven’t tried it, the end of the summer is the time. After you’ve stocked up on your fave fruits and veggies from local farms, it’s time to begin the preservation process. Canning is simple, but it’s something of an art form so it’s best to learn the nuances online or from a trusted friend before attempting. The basics: A can, your favorite sliced fruit, sugar, and time. It’s best to use super ripe fruit. You can also can veggies like string beans! When fruit is at peak ripeness, you can freeze it without any nutrient loss. Freezing is a win-win, as it’s easy, healthy, and you can make super cool smoothies all year round.


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