Keep It Clean: Why Organization is Important in Recovery

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By Brent Botros Tree House Staff

Why make your bed every morning? Why maintain a clean and organized living space? Why keep your workspace tight? These seemingly small acts do a lot to show ourselves love. They can boost your mood and spirit and set the tone for how your day will go. These tasks are so simple, yet can seem difficult at times. The effects that a clean area can have on your mental state say a lot about how important these simple tasks are.

Starting out every day, after getting out of bed, I spend about 1 minute making my bed. This simple task helps to clear my mind and set the tone for my day. Having an organized bed helps remove some of the clutter and junk from my mind, leaving me able to think more clearly. Not only does this help me go into the day with a clear mind, but when I get back home, and wind down for the day, I have a strong sense of relief knowing that my area is taken care of. Keeping my room clean is also essential. I spend most Sundays preparing for the week by doing laundry and cleaning my room. These activities are somewhat meditative for me, yet they can seem daunting before I start doing them. I also spend time keeping my work area tight and organized. By doing this, I’m able to have a clearer mind while working, helping overall productivity. When there is clutter on my desk, I feel as if I have a cluttered mind.

Accomplishing these simple tasks benefit us for various reasons. They are very simple ways to show ourselves love on a daily basis, they set the tone for our days, and they help us keep clear minds. After all, a messy bed is a messy head.

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