Sober Adventures: A Call To Nature

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By Derek Peters Tree House Staff

What was it like the first time you went camping? What about your first time waking up in a new place — specifically in nature? What stuck out for you? Was it the unzipping of the tent, the opening of the cabin door, the peeking out of the door and soaking in all of what the environment had to offer? What was it like to notice the sun reflecting off the ground, trees, and water? How did it feel when you took that first deep breath of air? Was there a sense of ease and comfort? Is this something that you would like more of?

I’m constantly asking myself how I can create more of this in my life. Taking some time during your lunch break for a quick Google search can point you in the right direction. Or, maybe you’re feeling more spontaneous. Why not hop on the nearest highway and get out of town for the weekend, or maybe even chuck a dart at a map that you’ve had in your basement for all these years? Either way you do it, you’re taking a leap in a good direction. A direction that might be scary at first, but one that will serve a purpose for you. I’m sure most of our experiences with nature have been pretty pleasant, nature tends to treat us well as long as we treat her with respect.

When I begin to camp more, my day-to-day stressors start to hold a lot less weight on my shoulder and mind. My breath begins to feel much more solid and full. My craving for adventure continues to intensify.
What is your drive to nature? There’s only one way to find out — get up and get creative, you’re worth the effort.

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