Killing The Winter Game On Mount Hood This Year

Killing The Winter Game On Mount Hood This Year

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Rent a car and head out of the city just 90 minutes to the beautiful peak that stands tall over all the city and much of the Willamette Valley: Mount Hood. Mount Hood stands at 11,249 feet tall making it the highest point in all of Oregon. Out of the peaks in the Cascade Range, Mount Hood is the fourth tallest, but the Oregon Volcano most likely to erupt. Mount Hood has snow and snow activities for a large majority of the year. During the winter months, Mount Hood is at its finest, inviting you to a winter wonderland at one of Oregon’s most beautiful spots.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Mount Hood has plenty of lifts, runs, and trails to keep even the advanced snowboarder challenged. Try Mount Hood Meadows, Mount Hood Skibowl, and Timberline

Timberline Lodge

Equally as historical as it is beautiful, the iconic Timberline Lodge is a great place to wrap up a wintery day on Mount Hood. Hop in a hot tub, order a hot chocolate, and experience fine Oregon dining with the warmth of the landmark lodge.

Cross-country, Snowshoeing, Snowmobile Trails

Oregon loves the outdoors. Various organizations work year round to preserve plenty of trails and runs for those who like snow-bound adventures of the alternative kind. If you’ve ever wanted to Snowshoe, there is no better place than Mount Hood to strap in for the first time.

Sledding And Tubing As Only Oregon Can

What is a good slide down a snowy mountain without black lights, music, and fireworks? Only Oregonians can come up with the crazy excitement that is the Skibowl’s Snow Tube & Adventure Park and call it “Cosmic Tubing”. Just remember, there are actual children around.

Ski-In Instead Of Hike-In

Oregon has a hidden secret that only the few and endurant are able to discover: Fire Look Outs. The has-been ranger spots are open for reservation throughout the state. During the non-winter months, these spots can be hiked into. The tiny dwellings are in some of the most remote and breath taking areas of Oregon nature, some of them near Mount Hood. Barlow Ridge, Barlow Butte, Fivemile Butte Lookout Tower and Tilly Jane A-Frame near Cooper Spur are all available during the winter. Pack up and ski-in for an unforgettable adventure.

Hike To Waterfalls

Not all hiking is lost during the winter on Mount Hood and neither are the waterfalls. The Columbia Scenic Highway and many of it’s beautiful waterfalls, like the famous Multnomah Falls were harmed this year with the Eagle Creek fire. Tamanawas Falls can still be accessed during the winter. Temperatures have to get below zero to get the picture-worthy effect of the raging waterfall freezing into an icicle spectacular.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Oregon is the land of Christmas Trees. While thousands of Oregon’s Firs and Pines get shipped out of state for others to enjoy, locals have the distinct magical pleasure of driving into Mount Hood National Forest to cut down their very own Oregon Christmas Tree.

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