Making The Most Of The Sunshine

Making The Most Of The Sunshine

In Health & Wellness, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

For many months of the year, life in Oregon is dreary and without much sunshine. It’s finally June and the sunshine is once again available to us. Let’s make the most of it while it’s here. Getting adequate sunshine is crucial to mental, physical, and emotional health. It increases Vitamin D levels, boosts the immune system, and makes us happier. When our eyes and bodies experience hits of direct sunlight, we get uplifted by the powerful rays and energy. The beams of the sun are free, bright, and glistening. Sunlight can give us a renewed sense of hope, connect us to the cycles of our planet, and remind us that no matter how dark things get, the light will always return and the sun will rise again. Here are a few ways in which you can soak up the summer rays in the Pacific Northwest.

Hit the trails. We are blessed to have some of the greenest, most lush trails in the country. Get a boost of nature while enjoying the sunshine.

Head to the coast. The Oregon coast is full of rugged scenery, wild ocean, and in the summer months, sunshine. You’ll get double the sun, as the ocean reflects the sun’s rays. Pro tip: To optimize Vitamin D absorption, make sure to have the majority of your skin exposed to the sun for 15-20 minutes.

Take sun breaks. If you work indoors, you can still reap the benefits of the summer sun. On your lunch breaks and during brief ten-minute breaks, head outside and sunbathe. You only need 15 minutes to feel the mood-boosting benefits of those powerful rays.

Take it outside. Whether you’re reading, working, hanging out with your friends, you can usually find a way to take it outside into the light. Read in the park, go to an outdoor farmer’s market with friends, or catch up on some work on the porch.

Take a walk. Walk around your neighborhood and soak up the rays. Or, instead of hitting the gym, try doing your workout in the great outdoors.



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