The Oregon Summer Trips You Haven't Done Yet

The Oregon Summer Trips You Haven’t Done Yet

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We are lucky to live in a state filled with many kinds of ecological experiences. The Oregon mountains, rugged coastline, and lush forests make for a diverse and super fun landscape. There are many adventures to be had throughout the state, especially in the summer months. Here are a few secret Oregon spots you don’t want to miss this summer.

  1. The Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge. This is the place to go if you’re a bird lover. Enjoy colorful birds while relaxing in the scenery of Klamath Basin, which is a vast peaceful lake surrounded by abundant mountains.
  2. Relax at The Lost Lake. Sounds magical, right? The Lost Lake is located in Mt. Hood National Forest and boasts truly sublime views of the mountain. You’ll be surrounded by lush trees and silence while the mystical mountain looks down at you. This is truly a hidden gem in one of Oregon’s most gorgeous forests.
  3. Take a trip to The Secret Beach. Yes, this is another hidden gem on the Oregon coast. Located in Brookings, this beach is a beautiful option for getting some sun, strolling along the coast, or taking a dip. Gaze out towards the horizon as you unwind and prepare for a lovely summer filled with adventure.
  4. Opal Creek at Willamette National Forest. Opal Creek is nestled in Willamette Forest, just outside of Portland. It’s a turquoise wonder complete with waterfalls and moss-ridden rocky outcroppings so unique to our region. There are several trails from which you can view the creek. Hike all day and cool off in the majestic waters of one of Oregon’s treasures.
  5. Behold the Pillars of Rome. Welcome to Rome, Oregon, home of an amazing set of rock outcroppings that look like ancient Roman ruins. At five miles long and 100-feet high, you can walk around these incredible formations and hike, take photos, or simply behold their ancient magnificence. For history buffs out there, these pillars were once a landmark for people traveling the Oregon Trail.



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