Playing the Long Game

Playing the Long Game

In Recovery, Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

Here at Tree House Recovery, we say it all the time: addiction is an illness that doesn’t always go away, but by learning to use the right tools and strategies, we can manage it with ease down the road, and live a life as fulfilling and enriching as we ever thought possible.

Playing the long game in addiction treatment means two things: accepting that recovery is a process, and making a constant effort every day to better ourselves through what we learn and experience in treatment. Above all else, we want everyone who enters our programs to find lifelong recovery, but, even more than that, we want them to learn how to make the most out of their own recovery, to learn how to manage their lives after addiction, and to use what they learn here to become better versions of themselves than they were even before addiction. In treatment, we consider it our responsibility to provide you with sustainable skills that won’t just last while you’re in our care, but will legitimately last a lifetime.

Learning everything about our addiction is the first step in playing the long game. When we’re addicted, it can be hard for us to see just how big of an impact addiction has on our lives. In treatment, we learn why addiction makes the impact that it does, and we work on action steps to not just get rid of physical cravings or make amends with people we may have hurt, but to look deep within ourselves and get to the bottom of what caused our substance use in the first place. Only we know how deeply pain or insecurities may lie and, to be honest, sometimes we aren’t even sure ourselves. Strategies we learn in treatment help us uncover what led us to subtance use, and how our use led to addiction.

Learning everything we can about our addiction lets us easily transition into step two of playing the long game: learning to identify signs of addiction and defeat them if they arise again. This step is very important, because it’s here that we learn how to put the strategies we learn in treatment to good use even after we graduate from our treatment plan. At Tree House Recovery in particular, every modality of our treatment process translates into an everyday activity we can use for the rest of our lives! Whether it’s journaling, yoga, exercise, or meditation, everything we do can easily turn into a lifelong habit.

Addiction recovery isn’t an overnight process, but by using what we learn in treatment and taking things just one day at a time we can make the long game work for us, and learn to manage addiction with confidence.

Tree House Recovery is a premier addiction treatment center in Portland, Oregon that provides our clients with the tools and strategies they need to make treatment work for them and continue to better their lives even after graduating from initial treatment. Call us at (503) 850-2474 to see how we can help you today!