Carving Your Own Pathway to Recovery

Carving Your Own Pathway to Recovery

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We all have our own reasons for seeking addiction treatment, which is why individualized treatment is just as important as group treatment is. Simply put, there is no one-size fits all treatment process, which is why treatment offers several modalities that cater to all kinds of clients. Here at Tree House Recovery, modalities include everything from yoga therapy to fitness and writing therapy, all designed to get our men out of their comfort zones and feeling confident in themselves from day one of the process.

Carving our own pathway to recovery means learning how the resources provided in treatment can benefit us on an individual level, while learning to rely on our brothers and mentors in the recovery community for support.

We all have strengths before we enter treatment, and learning to use these strengths can make our recovery experience more effective and personal. By relying on our strengths and even strengthening our weaknesses during addiction treatment, it’s easier for us to use the skills we learn in treatment even after graduation. Think about it: it’s always easier to learn something new if we have some experience with it. If we have skills and talents, why not put them to good use within our own treatment plans? After all, if we’re good at doing something and it’s helping us with our recovery, there’s no reason to stop doing it!

At Tree House Recovery, our treatment plans are customized to provide our clients with a range of different ways to learn and grow on their own recovery journeys. Some of us, for instance, excel in the physical modalities, and enjoy exercising as a way to train our minds and bodies. Others like the intimate setting of one-on-one treatment, or even the collaboration of group therapy. By having so many options to choose from, carving our own pathway to recovery is as simple as focusing on what we excel in and using that to bolster our recovery process.

It’s important to have such a personal process for our own recovery because in treatment, we aren’t just learning how to beat addiction. We’re truly learning how to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. There’s no better way to better ourselves than by learning and practicing strategies in treatment that won’t just help us get better, but will help us become better men.

Tree House Recovery of Portland, Oregon is an addiction treatment center that champions individualized treatment for each and every one of our clients. By offering a number of modalities designed to cater to the unique strengths and talents of our clients, we ensure that the strategies they learn in treatment can be applied to almost every other aspect of life afterwards! Call us at (503) 850-2474 to see how we can help you today!