From Isolation to an Invitation

From Isolation to an Invitation

In Addiction, Treatment by Tree House Recovery

Us humans are social creatures, and men might just be the most social. We collaborate over almost everything, from football games, to assignments at our jobs, and even what gifts to buy our significant others. It makes sense, then, that addiction treatment should be just as collaborative and social as practically everything else we do in our lives. In order to thrive in treatment, we need an environment that allows us to learn from others, share how we feel, talk things out– and do it all in a non-judgmental space that encourages openness and candor. Here at Tree House Recovery, we call this environment a process group, and we believe it represents one of the most important modalities of treatment.

Human connection plays an absolutely vital role in the treatment process. Addiction is an isolating disease that causes us to push away family members, friends and loved ones that want to help, and instead turn only to ourselves. When we’re isolated, we can’t get the help we desperately need, and those that would help can’t get to us. Through group therapy, we learn how to re-establish and build new relationships with others, welcome advice and assistance from our brothers, and lean on others for support. No one man is an island, and we learn the importance of unity and collaboration in group therapy.

One of the best outcomes of process groups is the fact that our abiliy to connect with one another is nurtured on a daily basis, and before long, any feelings of isolation and loneliness we had when we entered treatment have shifted to our own focus on self care and a desire to be present with our brothers.

When we’re in our process groups, we don’t have to bear our burdens alone– the whole community helps us with them. By sharing in both the struggles and triumphs of everyone’s unique journey, we tighten bonds between one another and build our own confidence, sense of belonging, and resiliency. Additionally, we learn tips and strategies for problems we may be dealing with from peers that may be dealing with the same problems. The wonderful thing about community and collaboration in treatment is the wealth of knowledge we can all benefit from just  by being present and engaged!

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