Staying Sober in the Summer

In Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

Summer can feel like a challenging time to stay sober, especially when a town like Portland opens its brewery doors to the beauty of the outdoors. The reality is, summer is a really exciting time to enjoy your sobriety, as there are myriad activities and outdoor adventures to be had, especially in a town like Portland. Here are some tips and tricks to staying sober in the summer months and having your most fulfilling summer yet.

Focus on what you can do. It can be easy to sink into negative thought patterns and get dragged down by what we can’t do. Try to focus your attention on the activities and fun that you can engage in this summer. Your sobriety has likely provided clearer insight, heightened senses and perception, and renewed energy. Play sports, plan a sober party or go see a concert. The options are limitless!

Avoid triggers. Make sure you’re aware of your own personal triggers when it comes to socializing. When in doubt, avoid them. This is a simple way to self-protect and avoids unnecessary turmoil.

Get outside. The summer opens up plenty of new options for us. We can hike, hit the bike trails, have a picnic, lie in the grass, or simply enjoy the beauty of the PNW. Enjoy the natural world with your senses. 

Surround yourself with your sober community. Surrounding yourself with the support of your sober community and other people who understand your sobriety is a crucial foundational principle for all social interactions! When in doubt, go to a meeting or plan an activity with others who just get it.

Try not to live in the past. Do you best to stay in the moment and not dwell on or romanticize your past summer of drug and alcohol consumption. Avoid scrolling through the social media accounts of former friends who are still using. Stay in the moment and remember that you definitely don’t need alcohol or drugs to enjoy yourself.


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