Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

In mental health by Tree House Recovery

Americans look at their phones an average of 47 times each day according to a study conducted by the Deloitte Institute. Screens are everywhere and they often interfere with our ability to be fully present. Research has also shown that even the presence of an iPhone can distract us. Technology is a double-edged sword, as it has the incredible ability to connect us. However, it can also, unfortunately, can make us feel just as disconnected. Here, we will examine some of the downsides of screentime and ways to cut back, assess your screentime, and learn how it’s impacting your quality of life.

How it Impacts Us

How much time do you spend in front of a screen? Research shows that Americans spend over 10 hours a day looking at one kind of screen or another, resulting in headaches, depression, irritability, and social issues. These are some serious side effects. Perhaps most importantly, screens can take us out of the present moment and impact our ability to be mindful, aware, and fully entrenched in our lives. Choose a day to be mindful of your screen time. What are you using your iPhone or computer for? Work, socializing, apps, reading? The first step is awareness.

Reducing Screentime

Take inventory of how much time you’re spending in front of a screen, whether it’s the TV, computer, or your iPhone. How is it impacting your life? Is it interfering with your recovery or other things you’re trying to accomplish? How do you feel while you’re engaging in screen time? How long are you spending in front of a screen every day? You can start reducing your time in small increments and certain apps actually track your screen time for you. Try eating meals without a screen and cut down on scrolling through apps. Replace these habits with things you enjoy such as reading, talking to friends, walking outside, or playing a game.


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