The Fall Equinox and Recovery: A Metaphor

The Fall Equinox and Recovery: A Metaphor

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The fall equinox, also called the autumnal equinox, will happen on September 23rd this year. This celestial event happens once a year and signals the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere. There are four solar checkpoints throughout the year and you’ve probably heard of them: The winter solstice, the spring equinox, the summer solstice, and the fall equinox. During the autumnal equinox, we experience an equal amount of day and night. The sun has been slowly dimming since its peak on the summer solstice and the days have been getting shorter. On September 23rd, our experience of the light and the dark will be equal. Solar happenings can serve as wonderful checkpoints for our recovery and lives, as we are cyclical creatures who are meant to be in tune with the rhythms of nature. Here’s how to use the fall equinox as a way to dive deeper into nature and your recovery.

Preparing for the Darkness of Winter

The fall equinox is a moment to remember that we’re heading towards the darkness of the winter season, where light is scarce and darkness reigns. It’s a time to reflect and meditate, to be still and centered. Darkness allows for deeply spiritual work and now is the time to check in with what you’d like that work to consist of. 

A Metaphor for Recovery

The equinox is a beautiful reminder that darkness and light are both necessary and vital parts of the human experience. There is no happiness without sadness, no bright growth without darkness and depth. What were your dark times in recovery? What about your bright, sunny spots? How have you learned from both? This is a great time to honor the darkness and the light and to let go of whatever you don’t want to take into the winter darkness. Say goodbye to the light and offer gratitude for the abundance it’s provided and prepare again for winter. It’s an endless cycle of light and shadow, which are both necessary and healing in recovery.


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