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Self Love: Taking care of yourself in sobriety

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By Will Gold Tree House Staff

Is the answer to your problems to dive head first into love with yourself? Self-love is extremely important in a healthy-sober lifestyle. When entering a sober lifestyle, self love is a rare occurrence. Sometimes, especially in recovery, we put to much energy into helping other people and neglect to love ourselves. I am here to inform you about how many different ways you can practice self-love to better your life.

  • Forgive yourself– Every one of us makes mistakes — in relationships, finances, personal decisions, and so on. Mistakes can be reminders to think before we act, but they are also encompassed by greater lessons. Remembering this can help us forgive our former failures and discern their higher purpose. When we forgive ourselves for our shortcomings we can redirect our attention to new efforts that produce new results.
  • Positive thoughts– These thoughts can redirect our whole day. What I have come to learn is that waking up with positive thinking can help how you perceive your whole day. Coming from a negative past means when waking up one can have very negative thoughts first thing in the morning which will definitely affect how your whole day goes. This does not mean just the morning, we must put effort into changing our thinking throughout the day.
  • Put yourself first– There lies beauty in sacrifice. But when you constantly put yourself second, you set up a pattern of behavior. In time, you settle for second place in more than one area of life. Reevaluate what it means to put yourself first: engaging in your interests, pursuing your ambitions, and ensuring your well-being. Practice this mantra in all difficult situations: If it doesn’t bring me good, it isn’t worth my effort.
  • Cut out all negative influences– Be mindful of people in your life who have no place being there. Those who drain you physically, emotionally, or mentally, who take advantage of you or cause you any form of stagnation. Cut these influences out of your life, if they are not helping you they are hurting you.
  • Celebrate your worth– It’s easy to become distracted by your future goals and neglect past accomplishments. Celebrate your personal wins, both big and small, and let every former victory be a reminder that future wins will be waiting for you. So be happy with how far you have come and with what you have accomplished right now!

Self-love is crucial. It can come in many different forms and encompass so many aspects of life. Take a break from your relationships and/or your job. If you find yourself lacking the self love that you should have, go back and look at these steps. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves…

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