Men Need Meditation and Mindfulness In Their Lives

Men Need Meditation and Mindfulness In Their Lives

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“When men choose to turn our attention inward and cultivate self-awareness through feeling deeply with our hearts, we awaken the power of what it truly means to be a man,” wrote Jonni Pollard, co-founder of 1 Giant Mind. “We discover the freedom in letting go of ideas who we think we should be and become who we truly are.” A man who thinks for himself, follows his own path, feels his feelings, and deeply identifies with his passions in the world, is seen as a renaissance man. He isn’t afraid to be himself, to do what is right, to be compassionate, emotional, sensitive, loving, caring, and accepting of the world. He’s transcended the dictations of society which make demands of his masculinity.

Men, who are such strong and free thinkers, often feel pressured to fall into the factory lines of life created by the mainstream ideologies of who a man should be and what a man should do. Men are meant to fix and control everything with absolute knowledge and skill. Men are meant to be strong, able, and unwavering. Men are meant to be machines, well oiled, and fully functioning at all times. Men have a lot of pressure on their shoulders from the outside, which turns into a pressure on the inside. Everything about the common expectations of a man is for others. Meditation is the practice men can turn to for themselves. As Jonni Pollard put it for Mindbodygreen “Meditation is the most accessible tool we have to cultivate a meaningful relationship with ourselves.”

Meditation and mindfulness have a list of scientifically proven benefits for the mind, the body, and restoring the mind-body connection. For men, meditation and mindfulness goes beyond a list of benefits. Making time for meditation and mindfulness is making time for a man to just be himself and be with himself, for nobody else. Taking that time is critical for men in recovery from addiction. Many men turned to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms, feeling that the feeling they achieved when drunk or high was their “me time” and either helped them be themselves or escape from themselves. Recovery means no more running away, but running toward. Through meditation and mindfulness, men can run toward themselves and toward their destiny of living a full and limitless life.

Thankfully, there is a way to heal. If you have found yourself trapped by the cycle of addiction, there is hope. Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon, shows men how to find freedom from addiction. Creating sustainable recovery through sustainable change, our programs help men reclaim their lives mind, body, and spirit. Call us today for information: (503) 850-2474