Spiritual Development and Masculinity

Spiritual Development and Masculinity

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Living as a human of any gender on planet earth is a challenge. Life is full of ups and downs, celebrations and disappointments, great achievements and devastating losses. Coping with all the variations life has to offer is a challenge. Men who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol are often more in tune to those challenges than they realize. The numbing and euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol are enticing because of how they eradicate the struggle. Upon coming to sobriety, men re-enter the lifestyle of struggle, though it takes a spiritual transformation.

John Wineland writes for Mind Body Green  “This is why spiritual development is so important- especially for men. Cultivating a spiritual practice doesn’t always come naturally to men, who are taught to feel little and achieve a great deal, but believe me: It is possible.” Wineland explains in “What Does Masculine Spiritual Development Look Like?” that men have to expect to “…ache for freedom, space, time…for deeper purpose, more impact, and to be seen as a man of valor and integrity…” At times, Wineland states, men “…will feel hopeless and alone.”

Stepping up to the spiritual plate is a remarkably masculine thing to do, full of strength, stamina, endurance, willingness, and a need for a certain edge. Personal development and spiritual development go hand in hand with the right perspective. Changing thought, changing mind, and changing action are critical for the recovering man to create a sustainable recovery through sustainable changes.

Too often masculinity is seen as the polar opposite to feelings, because feelings are stereotyped to be feminine and men cannot be seen as feeling or feminine. Spirituality is about finding and striking balance in one’s life, which for men means balancing what they believe to be masculine with what they want to define as being masculine. For men who are seeking sustainable recovery, breaking free of the stigmas associated with spirituality, embracing feelings, or even taking the time to work on oneself is essential. All of it is a process in which a man continuously finds himself, defines his sobriety, and achieves a greater sense of freedom.

“Whatever you do, hold nothing back,” Wineland emphasizes. “Not one word of truth, not one ounce of love, not one word of wisdom, not one feeling unfelt.” He urges his male readers, “Let your legacy be your grounded presence and your fierce, aching heart.”

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