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Looking Forward to Summer

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Eleanor Roosevelt famously quipped, “Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Living in the present moment has many mindful benefits. Looking forward with an open eye has many benefits as well. The winter can be hard to adjust to, especially after a long summer, which many states in America experienced this year. Being present in the winter can be hard to do when you’re cold, uncomfortable, and for many people, “trapped inside” for long periods of time. Rather than being in the here and now of winter, you can be in the here and now of thinking toward the coming summer, which is now just a few months away.

Set Summer Goals

Even though summer is many months away, you can set goals for the summer. First, you can set goals for before the summer. There is a lot of time between January and June. Are there things you want to accomplish before the summer comes? Many set forth on a fitness and nutritional journey as they work toward the ever elusive “summer body”. You may want to develop a skill, read a certain number of books, start a hobby, or pursue a passion. For summer travels, you can start to budget, save, and plan, so that when the summer comes you are ready to take your freedom from addiction beyond limits.

Make Summer Plans

Summer is a time to do one of two things: live by a strict plan with a detailed to-do list, or live totally care-free, spontaneously on the whim. Whichever direction you go, you can still start planning ahead. Making a commitment to how you want your summer to go helps you set your intentions and begin manifesting your summer experience. Life does happen and our plans can change at any moment. Even so, you can keep some elements of your original thoughts in tact. Summer is your time to feel the heat, get in the sunshine, and live up every sober moment.

Do Summer Research

Summer is full of possibilities. Between now and the summer, you have ample time to research what you will do with your summertime once the solstice passes. Applying for jobs, grants, internships, jobs, classes, and other time-occupiers does take time. Get a head start to make sure you’re set up for the greatest summer 2018 will ever see.

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