The Power of Music in Sobriety

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By Will Gold Tree House Staff

The power of music is never something to underestimate and is extremely important when changing your life into something bigger and brighter. For example, there was a study done with water. This water was tested under a microscope while frozen before and after being introduced to negative and positive music. After the water was exposed to positive music and tested again, the water became beautiful and clear, like a perfect snow flake. It was perfectly symmetrical. After the water was introduced to negative/angry/hateful music and tested, it had a grey color and wasn’t by any means symmetrical.

The body is made of over 60 percent water. Let’s think about when you might have felt angry and listened to music that was made in a negative way. This music sends negative ripples through your whole body, eventually affecting your thought patterns and emotions. Happy go-lucky music with positive lyrics produced from a good mindset has the potential to change the fibers of your being. It can change your mindset. So, if you are feeling down, put on that happy go-lucky playlist. It will help change your emotional state and thought process. Even your physical body can change. This also can positively affect your mind-body connection.

Another study tested two jars filled with white rice. They sat in an elementary class. Every day for 30 days, the jars where talked to as the kids left. One jar was told “thank you,” while the other was told “you fool.” The rice that was told “you fool” was black and shriveled at the end of the study. The rice that was told “thank you” was white and fluffy with limited change at the end of the study. This further supports the importance of being mindful of the music you listen to and the words you speak to yourself.

People suffering from addiction usually live in very negative places and listening to mostly negative music. When getting sober and beginning a new life, changing everything including the music you listen to can benefit you on so many different levels.

I suggest you dig deep and meet yourself on a new level. Be mindful of the music you listen to — if it is negative or positive. Change the music to positive beats and lyrics AND see how it can positively benefit your life.

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