What Is Carb Cycling?

What Is Carb Cycling?

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We recycle our clothes based on the season. When it is a hot and humid summer, we aren’t in need of our parkas, our down jackets, and our fleece liners. If someone told us that we needed to keep a balance of our winter clothes in the summer season, it wouldn’t make much sense. We don’t need that kind of warmth and protection during the summer so why would we bother using our winter gear? Such is the philosophy behind carb cycling. Carb cycling is a diet and nutritional trend used by athletes and professionals in the fitness field as a way to regulate carbohydrate intake. Though carbohydrates are a recommended part of a daily diet, many dieticians and nutritionists feel that a certain level of carbohydrates are not required every single day. Much like we use our winter gear when we need that extra protection, carb cycling argues that we should eat carbs in volumes according only to when we need them. If we don’t need carbs everyday, we shouldn’t be eating them everyday.

How Carb Cycling Works

Carb cycling is focused on a person’s level of activity and their activity schedule. Whether you are a daily walker or do high intensity interval training five days a week, your schedule and activity needs vary. On days when you are highly engaging your body, you need more carbohydrates to support your body. Rest days and light days would include less carbs. The needs for carbohydrates cycle throughout the week depending on physical exertion.

Shape explains that “when your body receives limited carbs, it relies on fat as the primary fuel source, which can be helpful for weight management, body fat losses, and boosting carb storage when carbs are reintroduced.” Rather than constantly feed the body carbs, carb cycling helps the body store up more energy, burn the right energy, and achieve better results performance wise and in toning the body.

Is Carb Cycling Right For You?

Carb cycling is typically practiced by seasoned endurance athletes. However, the secrets of successful, healthy athletes are becoming known to the general public and people are adopting their rules as part of their fitness routine. Active people, like men in treatment programs focused on physical fitness, who are trying to maintain a low carb diet can benefit from carb cycling.

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