A stressed out couple taking their time to rebuild trust.

Trusting In Time

In Recovery, Treatment by Tree House Recovery

Addiction robs us of our ability to trust in just about anything or anyone. The drugs and alcohol we grow addicted to take on a human-like quality and intentionally funnel our trust into only one place- the place of intoxication. Unfortunately, that trust doesn’t last long. At least, that is, the promises of what the trust in drugs and alcohol will provide is what doesn’t last long. Eventually, the joys of intoxication wear off and we struggle to feel even a small bit of the pleasure we once when we first started using drugs and alcohol. Instead, we feel sick from chemical dependency and need to use drugs and alcohol just to feel some level of well again. The very substances which we came to trust to help us escape or dive in, numb out or feel something, provide confidence or take part of our personality away- stop working. Typically, drugs and alcohol are the last thing we lose trust in. Along the journey of addiction we stop trusting in anyone or anything which do not provide to us in the way addiction does. We become singularly focused chemically, emotionally, psychologically, and more.

Recovery asks us to enter a relationship of trust with a lifestyle beyond our comprehension: sobriety. We’re asked to trust in a treatment team, a new group of peers, and this intangible idea of abstinence, as well as all that a sober lifestyle is supposed to provide. We’re asked to trust that the desire to drink and use, the deep compulsion to sabotage our lives, is going to wear off. We’re told that it’s going to take time to heal, to learn how to live again, and to enjoy life without mind altering substances.

Though many of us have lost our ability to trust in much of anything, let alone the natural timing of things, we find a way to. Looking at our need to control and our overriding need to let go and trust, we can see the incredible power which comes from trusting in time as a healer and provider. Learning how to trust goes against everything we’ve learned through addiction. Trusting in time, people, and places, is hard for us to do, but we find we are richly rewarded if and when we do.


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